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What went Wrong?

Are “You and Yours” At Risk? Seventy years ago, a movement started of equality and fairness to all human beings. It was brought about because human beings were being killed, tortured and denied the basics to survive. Discrimination took place based on many things; family status, the personal power held, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender and…

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The Impact of an Untrained Teacher!

Perhaps no other profession is as important as teaching.

How well a country does, how prosperous it is and how ethical it is, depends on what the teacher does daily in the classroom.

The demands placed on the teaching profession are huge. If a student does not behave or do well in studies, we look at the teacher. If the child loves learning, gets on with people, is good at public speaking, we want to know which school is the child going to.

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Do We Take Everything At Face Value?

Not too long ago, at the request of our students, we gathered religious leaders belonging to different sects and religions into one room. Students wanted to talk to these great leaders. One Muslim student said, “I hear of our Prophet (PBUH) enquiring about a non-Muslim ladies well-being when one day she was not at her usual…

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Value Her – She is Important!

We live in challenging times today. Yet such situations are not new in history. Eventually, change does come and rights do get claimed in society by people. This occurs when the public acts to create a humane society that is caring of each other’s rights. On March 8th, the world will celebrate more than 100…

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Your Child is going to School……. But is your Child getting an Education?

We have all seen the enthusiasm and happiness of a child as he picks up his school bag for the first time and carries his pencil, eraser and notebooks to school. It is a brand new exciting world. The idea of learning, playing, communicating and creating is welcomed by the child. Away from their parents,…

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Is Peace Possible in your life?

Dear Friend, Human Rights are the basic manners of a civilised society. No torture, no slavery and no discrimination are just some of the Rights we should all have. An uncivilised society would lack these rights. Do these rights exist within the society you live in? In places where these simple rights exist, that society…

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Human Rights Violations and the Role of Religious Organisations and Media

Viewing the multitude of violations of Human Rights in Pakistan and studying the recent reports of Asian Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, it is clear that few if any homes remain unaffected in the country. While our group continues to work in government and private schools and has extended its programme to Universities…

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Does Each Family Member Have Rights In Your Home?

The International Day of Families is observed every year on the 15th of May. Family units functioning well lead to a prosperous society. This contributes to building a great nation and a peaceful world. A family is our basic unit operating in society. The question arises, “What is an ideal family unit?” I believe that…

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Press Freedom Day – Do you have an independent press in your country?

We define democracy via the criteria of Human Rights – Political Rights; Free Speech; and the Absence of Public Corruption. According to TED Talks,  83% of the population of this planet  lives in a society without an independent  press — that means that 83% of the population are deprived of true information. They do not…

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