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Sponsor a Childs Education -
Making a Difference in Pakistan

Why should you Sponsor a Child?

It is difficult to imagine what life would be like if we did not know how to read or write or use basic arithmetic. In spite of knowing the importance of education, in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, there are thousands of unschooled kids. Primary school education is supposed to be free for everyone enrolled. However, children who have missed out on initial years of education have been confined to a life of illiteracy.

No school accepts these unschooled kids because they have outgrown primary schools and they lack the basic education to gain admission to secondary schools.

Our Solution:

We are taking responsibility for children age 11 to 18, boys and girls, who have not learnt to read or write, who have never seen a classroom, or who have dropped out of schooling. We give them a chance to meet their goals and join the mainstream of professional work. We provide a learning environment and fast-track these children, so they become school graduates, ready for enrolment in higher education classes.

Children, especially teenagers, are change-makers. If educated, they can be the catalyst for bringing about values that inspire togetherness in working to improve community life.

Your Sponsorship:

At present how the future of unschooled kids pans out is of no one’s concern.

The truth is that it is the responsibility of every educated adult to provide a societal framework where Education is secured for every child.

Doing nothing for these unschooled children will result in illiteracy and no education for the remaining years of their life.  This impacts on the rest of their life. Each child deserves a chance to live a worthwhile life. We owe them the right to education, the right to reach their full potential and to live a respect-worthy life.

What will happen if you do something?

With your support, we can take these unschooled kids who have given up on the dreams of education and help them to reach their potential.  The doors of education will be opened for them.

Ignoring unschooled children as if their future does not matter speaks of the ruthlessness and inhumane conduct of those around them. Providing an education to children is not an option. It is the responsibility of every educated adult.

Well-educated children can be the greatest sources in bringing a changed value set to their communities. These children have immense potential and through the work we do, these children will not only change their own lives but also influence the lives of their families and communities.

The unschooled children need your help!

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