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About Us

YOUTH TOGETHER for Human Rights Education is an organisation with dedicated team members. Our purpose is to make planet Earth a place we can all call our HOME. We mostly work in the UK and Pakistan. We are ready to help anywhere our help is requested.

One of the main projects we are implementing at this time is the Human Rights Awareness program. We are also working in various cities in Pakistan through the combined efforts of our volunteers.

YOUTH  TOGETHER  for Human Rights Education is affiliated with YOUTH for Human Rights International  (YHRI). We use Human Rights booklets/posters provided by YHRI's within our educational programs.

eng-hr-minOur Mission Statement

To educate people on human rights as written by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, so that individuals and especially, women and children’s rights are protected.

Unless individuals take action to enhance the human rights of all, we are all at risk of losing our rights. Our mission is to educate every sector of Pakistan on Human Rights. To carry out any training, educational programs, counselling and services that increase the skill, ability, and knowledge level of the individuals and/or provide services that help the individual and community live a better life.

Our mission includes enabling the individual to protect their own Human Rights and also grant others their Human Rights, thereby creating a society, that upholds the Human Rights  of all.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to create a world which we can call our HOME.  A society in which the individual rights of all are protected.   Where men, women and children grant respect to each other irrespective of age, gender, race, religion, ethnicity or class.  Where peace and tolerance prevails.  A fair and just society, where children grow up reaching their full potential and are rewarded for their own efforts. skills and contribution. Where harmony and creativity shine through the brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity, creating a culture we are all proud to be part of.


fareeda-photo-ilw-800x800Fareeda Abbasi Bulbrook is our CEO.  She is a humanitarian who has conducted teacher training projects in the private and government sectors of Pakistan.  She has spoken in London at the House of Lords on Human Rights  and continues to work towards increasing individual skills and abilities.

At the time of the earthquake. she returned to Pakistan and with her team worked on the ground providing counselling and support to the many victims of the disaster. On the request of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Education, she was called back one year later to train their staff  on counselling and trauma procedures.

Fareeda believes in making the individual more able and skilled so that he or she can improve their own life and those of others around them.

Fareeda is licensed with Applied Scholastics International and passionately works toward educating students on skills needed to reach their full potential.

Fareeda is the Pakistan Coordinator for Youth for Human Rights International.

YOUTH TOGETHER for Human Rights Education has the purpose of improving the knowledge, skills and attitudes that support the human rights of all.

Educational programs conducted by her take a personal interest in the student. The willing student gains an understanding of the procedures and processes to effectively produce results in their personal life.  Training is therefore in high demand.