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Unschooled Kids – The Impact on You and Your Family

This year, Dawn Newspaper reports that official statistics released present a bleak picture showing 22.84 million children are still out of school. A horrifying 52 percent of children in Sindh are outside the education system.

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Sindh Director of Literacy & Non-Formal Education Visits the Greenhouse Education Centre

It was a sincere pleasure to have Sir Muhammad Alam Thaheem, Sindh Director Literacy & Non-Formal Education Department, come to the Greenhouse Education Centre on 14th November 2018.

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The Forgotten Children

Street-kids who have missed out on primary education have been confined to a life of illiteracy. Being older in age, they are refused admission by Primary Schools. With basics not learnt, there is no Secondary School that caters for the educational needs of these children. Just like our children, don’t they have the right to…

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Caring for the Forgotten

What are the challenges in Raising Children in todays society? We live in challenging times. While technological advances give us more opportunities, the social evils in society provide an environment that poses a threat to us. In such times a child is born and parents have dreams. What do they wish for? (Urdu Version –…

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Newsletter – March 2018

Youth Together for Human Rights Education Making Undreamt Futures a Reality! When Love Is Just Not Enough! What Is The Essence Of Living? Shared Goals and Talking to the CEO When Love is just not enough Beyond a momentary glance of passers-by, unschooled kids roaming the streets receive no attention. Unless one can benefit from…

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Human rights kids education

What went Wrong?

Are “You and Yours” At Risk? Seventy years ago, a movement started of equality and fairness to all human beings. It was brought about because human beings were being killed, tortured and denied the basics to survive. Discrimination took place based on many things; family status, the personal power held, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender and…

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The Impact of an Untrained Teacher!

Perhaps no other profession is as important as teaching.

How well a country does, how prosperous it is and how ethical it is, depends on what the teacher does daily in the classroom.

The demands placed on the teaching profession are huge. If a student does not behave or do well in studies, we look at the teacher. If the child loves learning, gets on with people, is good at public speaking, we want to know which school is the child going to.

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Do We Take Everything At Face Value?

Not too long ago, at the request of our students, we gathered religious leaders belonging to different sects and religions into one room. Students wanted to talk to these great leaders. One Muslim student said, “I hear of our Prophet (PBUH) enquiring about a non-Muslim ladies well-being when one day she was not at her usual…

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Value Her – She is Important!

We live in challenging times today. Yet such situations are not new in history. Eventually, change does come and rights do get claimed in society by people. This occurs when the public acts to create a humane society that is caring of each other’s rights. On March 8th, the world will celebrate more than 100…

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