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The Problem: 

It is difficult to imagine what life would be like if we did not know how to read or write or use basic arithmetic. In spite of knowing the importance of education, in the cosmopolitan city of Karachi, there are thousands of unschooled kids. Primary school education is supposed to be free for everyone enrolled. However, children who have missed out on initial years of education have been confined to a life of illiteracy.

While we see a few mobile school units operating for a few hours, or volunteers spare time to give a small percentage of students time to learn, nobody is taking the full responsibility of getting these unschooled kids to complete schooling and onto the path of college life.

No school accepts these unschooled kids because they have outgrown primary schools and they lack the basic education to gain admission to secondary schools.

The Solution:

We are taking responsibility for children age 11 to 18, boys and girls, who have not learnt to read or write, who have never seen a classroom, or who have dropped out of schooling. We give them a chance to meet their goals and join the mainstream of professional work. We provide a learning environment and fast-track these children, so they become school graduates, ready for enrolment in higher education classes.

Our Expertise:

The Right to Learn is the right of every child. Our study, over more than a decade, has involved schools in both the government and private sectors. We have developed a comprehensive teacher training curriculum that directs teachers to educate students in the true sense of the term.

Our approach is holistic. It goes beyond academic learning towards social values, life skills and character development. It influences attitudes and brings about in the child a responsibility for themselves and others in society.

Our teachers work with children at individual and group levels to inspire the child’s progress, creativity and critical thinking. It includes teaching life knowledge, skills and attitudes that help the child reach their personal goals and become part of a bigger world. The lessons developed spark curiosity and make research and innovation part and parcel of student learning.  

Included in the curriculum are skills relating to self-study, communication, computers, ethics and critical thinking. An essential element of the curriculum is students helping students and the use of the internet for projects assigned by teachers. The participation of all students in sports and extra-curricular activities is considered essential.

A child also has an assigned personal teacher at the school, who they can turn to for any difficulties or issues at home or school. Our priority is the child and helping them grow to live their independent lives.

Children at our centre are provided with subject material, stationery and transport to come to school and return home. Clean classroom premises with computer facilities are made available. Trained subject tutors cover the theory and practical application of specific subjects.

We regularly training sessions for parents. We also have a teacher assigned to monitor the progress of each child one child assigned for the duration  and get

We work to raise the child to respect themselves and others by providing a safe environment that grants child rights and that fosters learning, builds character, instils social values and inspires creativity and design. Quality education helps to bring about the power to correctly judge situations and make decisions. 

Children, especially teenagers, are change-makers. If educated, they can be the catalyst in bringing about values that support education for all and inspire togetherness in working to improve community life.

Long-term Impact:

At present how the future of unschooled kids pans out is of no one’s concern. This is not to say their parents do not care. They love them but they either lack awareness or resources or both. Age-old cultural traditions within communities continue unchecked and unquestioned, generation after generation.

The truth is that it is the responsibility of every educated adult to provide a societal framework within which The Right to Education is secured for every child. However beyond a momentary glance of passers-by, unschooled kids roaming the streets receive no attention and unless one can benefit from children,  unschooled kids are no one's responsibility. 

What will happen if we do nothing?

Doing nothing for these unschooled children would most probably result in illiteracy and no education for the remaining years of their life.  A decision taken at such a tender age that impacts on the rest of their life is heartbreaking. Each child deserves a chance to live a good life. We, as adults, owe them the right to education, the right to reach their full potential and to live a respect-worthy life.

Taking a wider perspective, we should see the impact of ignoring unschooled kids and denying them an education. As the pace of technological development increases, so it paves the way for a bigger gap between students who are illiterate and those who have completed schooling.

The net result is a social imbalance that has consequences. It goes far beyond just impacting on the child. It touches every stratum of society. Look around and we see the impact. There is something in common with instances of honour killing, gang violence, theft, early marriage, child abuse and target killing. They are all linked with illiteracy and lack of critical thinking skills in individuals. Membership in extremist groups is also supported in such circumstances. The point to remember is that extremist groups are flourishing and children can easily fall prey to such groups.  In such groups, critical thinking is shunned and obedience is preached.  The declining social values and an increasing membership in extremist groups are visible. The fear for our individual lives and the fear of safety and security in daily living are just a few of the social ills that plague our society.

What will happen if we do something?

The greatest problem we solve is to prevent these kids getting exploited and misused to serve some made up religious, political, or wealth or power hungry struggle.  Unless we take steps to narrow the gap and educate unschooled children, peace and progress will remain out of reach.  A rise of conflicts between ethnicities, sects and families is inevitable unless we educate children.

With your support, we would like to take these unschooled kids who have given up on the dreams of education and put them on the road to utilising their potential.  The doors of education will be opened for these children. By providing schooling with specialised tutoring, we will ensure that the right to education owed to these children is no longer violated.

Ignoring unschooled children as if their future does not matter speaks of the ruthlessness and inhumane conduct of those around them.  It is time to join hands to take responsibility for these forgotten children.  It is time to ensure children are given their rights by working together to ensure their quality education. Providing an education to children is not an option. It is simply the responsibility of every educated adult.

Our experience of working in different localities has shown that children can be the catalyst in bringing a change of social values that support equality, fairness and human rights. Well-schooled children can be the greatest sources in bringing a changed value set to their communities. These children have immense potential and through the work we do, these children will not only change their own lives but also influence the lives of their families and communities.

This project needs your support!

The unschooled children need your help!

We want you to join us and take responsibility for giving street kids/unschooled kids The Right to Education

Milestones Achieved:

We started working in the field of Human Rights and Quality Education in 2009. Previous to this, our founder, Fareeda Abbasi, worked with the Federal government for over 10 years in training teachers and improving the quality of education. Our educational programs in YTHRE got accepted by schools in 2010 with a request from the Head Teachers to deliver workshops regularly to primary and secondary school children.

We extended these programs to teachers and parents in 2011. By 2013 our programme became part of a school curriculum.  In 2012 we gained permission from the provincial government to conduct workshops in the government schools of two towns within Karachi. Seeing the results of the programme, the government extended their permission for us to also work in 2 more towns. Our programs are also delivered at University level.

In a recent project, we worked with parents, teachers and students of secondary schools who were cognizant of the growing animosities between ethnicities, religions and sects in their local areas. The project produced noticeable results with audiences, who spoke about an improvement in their ability to face situations, spot extremists and their ability to resolve a conflict.

In 2015, we produced educational booklets in 3 subjects. “Maths”, “English” and “Science” to help children, parents and teachers in bringing quality education to schools. We also produced a “Do’s and Don’t Book for Parents” to help children reach their full potential. 


Our major strength is our proven result orientated curriculum, our dedicated trained team, and our ability to work with different types of audiences, creating change in even illiterate audiences.

Based on the needs of localities we have already successfully delivered different types of projects. These range from instilling the values of human rights, improving literacy and education amongst students and teachers, and developing critical thinking skills, learning skills and leadership skills in youth, teachers and parents. We have also successfully given computer training to boys and girls who had never touched a computer before. Our unique approach brings about commitment and results from our students. 

Sponsor Now!

£2,450 of £48,000 raised

Your Support is needed and highly appreciated. Please select the amount that you wish to donate, and click the Blue Button now. Thank You!

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Donation Total: £10.00

If you can contribute in any way - by supplying funds, or expertise, or children's books for our library or training aids or facilities, etc, then please contact us.