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Human Rights Violations

Dealing with Human Rights Violations

p1790437-minAlong with knowledge of Human Rights comes the responsibility to protect your own rights and the rights of others.

There is no doubt that in our work we will come across situations where Human Rights are being violated. Some people will observe the violation and walk away. Some are too scared to do something. Others may confront the violator with his misdeed. Some may choose to write a report or talk to a trusted community leader.

Observing a Violation

What does it mean when we observe a Human Right violation and do nothing about it? If I saw my own family member steal or tell a lie and I did nothing about it, what would that mean? If I did nothing, then would it mean I disagreed with the act of theft or the telling of lies? Or would it imply that I agreed with lying and stealing?

No action implies agreement with the act one has observed.

"The only thing necessary for the persistence of evil, is for enough good people to do nothing." - Amnesty saying, unknown origin 

What should you do?

imgf4754-minWhat should one do if one observes a human rights violation? If we agree with people violating Human Rights then we should do nothing. But if we disagree with the Human Rights violation then ignoring the violation is not an option for us.

Firstly one has to believe that one can do something about it. The minimum that one can do is to frown upon it. You could say out loud that it is not right and it is harming another person. This step in itself is a good one, as it brings about agreement on how things should be.

Imagine, if every one of us never said a word when people misused government property. Do you know what would happen then? Over time people would get used to abusing government property. Then abuse and misuse of government property would be regarded as a normal thing. Children would grow up thinking that it is the way to behave. This is how values in a society decline over time. Public neglect to take actions on things they disagree with and a decline in moral values occurs.

Do Something!

It is important to take responsibility and raise your voice, even if it be ever so slightly. It is better to make it known that things are not being done right. You do not have to confront the violator if it puts you at risk. You do however need to make it known in your community and/or to write up a report and submit it to the Police Station or correct authority.

Supporters of Human Rights in Action.

ythre4-minMembers and Supporter of Human Rights  do not sit back. They do something about it. Educating others on Human Rights is something we can all do.

Imagine being raised not knowing that you had a right to be free and not be a slave. Beaten every day, not knowing you had a right to "No Torture".

Improve the quality of lives and give them dignity by raising awareness of Human Rights. Take every opportunity given to raise awareness of Human Rights. Your efforts do help stop violations and keep victims safe.

A society in which everyone stands up for their own rights and the rights of others can be called a sane and civilised society.

Raise awareness of Human Rights where ever you go.