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Pakistan Education: Towards Creativity & Critical Thinking
Away from Mindless Robotism



We live in times where we question what our education system is producing. We are no longer sure if someone with multiple degrees is an educated person or not. We are uncertain if a CV with a list of degree names and certificates means that the person can understand text, respond to emails or correctly assess job-related situations.

Education should enable a person to reach their full potential in life, doing the things that benefit them and society at large. It should produce an individual who can think for themselves and have basic skills. An educated person should be able to judge consequences and assess situations in life and see their effects on self and others.

Students need to be guided towards developing innovative ideas that are solutions to problems of our current world. Every subject has the potential to bring about a better world. Our students have the potential to make it happen.

A personal connection between the subject and the student is mandatory for progress in any field. In this project, teachers will be trained to teach subjects in a way that engages student's thinking.

This project will empower 50 teachers to help students reach their full potential. It uproots the idea that education equals the memorising of facts and passing of exams.

A trained teacher cannot be untrained.

Teacher Training is the biggest and best investment we can make for a better future.


We are operating in areas where extremist groups are flourishing, where critical thinking is shunned and where education is equated to mindless robotism with pride in ownership of multiple degrees.

Our experience across many private and government schools has shown that most teachers, especially younger ones, want to bring quality education to their students.

Teachers have the misconception that regurgitating books, without understanding, onto exam papers makes for an excellent student. Undoubtedly a disservice in training teachers has occurred. It is a fact that most teachers do not have command over the subject they are teaching. They are unaware of the purpose of education and the results they need to produce in lessons.

Students of such teachers see educational institutions as a stifling place that is enforced on them through the best years of their life. The purpose of schooling is seen as merely the accumulation of degrees to apply for jobs. The popular methodology of cramming data into young minds in classrooms has serious end-results. Such students have limited self-awareness and have restricted understanding of life.

We therefore end up with students who are unable to foresee the consequences of their actions. They are irresponsible towards the happenings in their own lives and of the lives of others around them. These students do not aim for creativity, critical thinking or innovation in their school life or in their chosen career.

Our youth have the potential to solve the issues that are widespread and gaining momentum. Unless steps are taken to empower each teacher on an individual basis we stand at risk of losing our youth to the social evils of society and expanding extremist networks.


Our study over more than a decade has been involved schools in both the government and private sectors.

Using the teachers’ study habits, teaching attitudes, educational material, and teaching methodologies, we have developed a comprehensive Teacher Training Curriculum.

A trained teacher has to spark the curiosity of their students and make research and innovation part and parcel of student learning. The objective of our curriculum is to bring about in the teacher a passion for the subject being taught.

By addressing the topic of child rights, this project instills respect for the child and the responsibility of the adult in helping the child reach their full potential. Within the school environment, it stresses the prevention of child neglect, cruelty, exploitation and abuse.  Our training will help to create a school environment that fosters learning, builds character, instills social values and inspires creativity and design in students.

Our curriculum includes theory and practical relating to classroom management and lesson-planning. Also included are skills relating to self-study, teaching, communication, computer basics, ethics and critical thinking.

An essential element of the curriculum is an internship period that enables teachers to gain practical experiencing in teaching children before graduating their teacher training course.

Teachers are our first line of defense against the bleak future that is staring us all in the face. Your help is needed to implement this solution that gives due regard to the longterm perspective.

With your help, we will be able to turn the education system around to utilise the students vast potential by instilling social values that form the cornerstone of society.  Trained teachers will  lead us into a new era of creativity, peace and  prosperity.

Longterm Impact

The futures looks bleak if the majority leaving educational institutions have moronic thinking, fail to assess the consequences of their decisions, and see no possibility of creativity and innovation in themselves.

A student in school is powerless and places full trust and belief in each adult that they will do everything in their power for their benefit. Quality education is a child's basic right. Denying it is tantamount to a criminal act. It is the responsibility of each of us to ensure that every single student is given a quality education and allowed to reach their full potential in life.

Our solution is important as without empowering teachers and improving their education and critical thinking skills, we are likely to lose our youth to groups that seek to use them for their own selfish and evil ends. Only by imparting to students the ability to assess can we help them reach their true potential.

By funding this project, 50 teachers will be empowered to put thousands of students on the road to reaching their full potential.

With your support we will help children towards a bright future. Teachers will realise their dreams by becoming worthy of the profession that ranks highest amongst all professions.



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